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Our over-riding philosophy is to create and develop long term and loyal partnerships with our customers.



The first step in ensuring high quality aluminium alloys ingots, is by sourcing good quality scrap. We utilise our extensive trading experience to source scrap, which is purchased from approved suppliers from both overseas and domestic markets.

We focus on producing high grade secondary alloys, with a large emphasis on tolling customers scrap to enable them to retain their metal units. Alloys are produced in 5Kg ingots, strapped and packed in 600Kg bundles.

Quality Assurance

Each batch of ingot produced undergoes constant monitoring and testing throughout the production process using the latest emission spectrometry. Before casting, gas contents are determined by pin-hole testing equipment. Inclusion levels are determined by K-mould. Our constant commitment to quality and continuous improvement is reinforced by our purchase of the KV counter. This instrument, developed by Nippon Light Metals, accurately quantifies the inclusion levels in the K mould, and is the first instrument of its kind commercially in use outside of the Toyota Group in Japan.

Commitment to high quality ingot, on-time delivery, and continual improvement



Anglo Asia are committed to providing the highest quality products and services to our customers, and strive to continually improve our performance.
We seek to build long term partnerships with our customers to help increase their competitiveness in the global market
We actively promote recycling to preserve the environment and save vital natural resources

We produce secondary aluminum alloys to all major internationally-recognised specifications, and to customers in-house requirements.

We specialize in producing high grade secondary alloys for niche markets.

A large proportion of our production is based around tolling our customers scrap, chip and dross to enable them to retain their metal units.

Our experience allows us to offer a high level of technical support to our customers, enabling us to achieve the highest standards of customer service.


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